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Technology and Innovation

Our team cooperates with innovative investors engaged in developing new technologies. We have extensive experience in supporting in claiming significant tax benefits related to the implementation of so-called R&D tax relief.

We are happy to offer our support for cutting-edge projects requiring detailed tax analysis, but also an understanding of the modern character due to the unique solutions.

Our support includes the following areas:

R&D tax relief

  • An analysis of current or planned business activities aimed at assessing whether implementation of R&D relief is available
  • Analysis and allocation of costs related to R&D activities, which allows to reduce the tax burden
  • Verifying the developed model by way of tax ruling

Licenses and intangible services

  • Review and tax qualification of copyrights, patents, know-how and other property rights held by the company
  • Analysis of the correctness of depreciation deductions on intangible assets
  • Recommendations regarding minimizing tax risks for international transactions (double tax treaties, EU directives)

Electronic and digital services

  • Review and tax qualification of agreements on acquisition of electronic and digital services
  • Recommendations regarding minimizing tax risks
  • Applying for tax rulings

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