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Advisory for Manufacturing

Conducting business within the manufacturing sector is dependent on taking advantage of advanced equipment and specific know-how, therefore advisory delivered to such entities needs to conform with a set of specific standards. Our advisors, thanks to a years-long experience and industry knowledge are in position to deliver services of highest quality, offering support in all tax related matters of manufacturing entities.

Our services tailored to the industrial manufacturing sector include in particular:

Tax settlements of the production process

  • Determining costs of productions, value of products (COGS), inventory
  • Losses in raw materials or products
  • Settlements of particular stages of production

Investments, innovation and R&D

  • Settlement of investment expenditures
  • Innovation incentives
  • SEZ
  • Optimisation of R&D expenses

Employment costs

  • Optimisation of costs of personnel
  • Incentive plans for employees
  • Employee benefits
  • Settlement of constant and variable elements of wages

Business restructuring

  • Due diligence
  • Advisory for acquisitions and exits
  • Transformations, mergers and de-mergers

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